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Full Scope/Instant Reply is hired by restaurants, retail businesses and other service businesses to help them determine how the consumer perceives the quality of their service and product. We send shoppers anonymously into their locations to order a meal in a restaurant, make a purchase in a retail establishment or inquiry to a service business. The mystery shopper acts like any normal customer. After the visit, the shopper fills out the designated form on our website, answering yes or no to simple questions and adding comments about the events that happened during the visit. In some cases, a narrative report is required. The information should be objective only and should contain only the facts about the visit. It is not a review for a magazine and we do not want the shopper's opinion, suggestions or solutions. The shopper is reimbursed for the meal or purchase up to the maximum amount set by the client. In some cases, the shopper is also paid a small fee for filling out the forms and in cases where there is no reimbursement, the shopper is paid a flat fee for completing the assignment. If you decide to become a Full Scope/Instant Reply shopper, you would be an independent contractor. You would have the option to accept or decline any assignment we offer you. However, if you do accept an assignment, you must fulfill the requirements of the assignment according to our instructions in order to be insured reimbursement and/or payment. Once you accept an assignment, your report must be completed and submitted within 24 hours after the visit. The receipt (if required) must be submitted within the same time frame, either by fax or e-mail. If you are interested in becoming a mystery shopper for Full Scope Inc., please fill out our application and shopper profile. Filling out an application does not constitute a contractual agreement between you and Full Scope Inc. It does not guarantee any assignments, nor does it obligate Full Scope Inc. to contact you unless we have an assignment to offer you in your area.

Mystery Shopping is one of the most valuable tools a business owner/manager can use to monitor the quality of service offered by his staff. Owners and managers cannot be at their place(s) of business 24 hours a day or at each location all the time. Also, employees tend to perform differently when owners/managers are present.

Our Mystery Shoppers are not marketing consultants or research & development advisors. We do not ask our shoppers for suggestions or solutions. Their job is simply to enlighten clients of their typical dining/shopping experience. Mystery Shopper reports are tangible evidence to be used at staff meetings, department meetings, and executive meetings. They can be used to reward employees, monitor the number of staff required and assist in training employees on correct procedure. Obviously, the sooner management has this valuable information, the more effective the program will be!

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