(You MUST Read These Instructions) We Suggest You Print Them!!

  1. Login is your home telephone number. If your home telephone number is (555) 123-4567, your login is 5551234567. Your password must be entered in ALL LOWERCASE LETTERS. It is the password you submitted on your Shopper Agreement Form.

  2. When you login, you will be in YOUR SHOPPER AREA. You will see a screen like the example below - you will have three choices...
Instant Reply
Aug. 9, 1999 11:55:29 Hello Jane Doe
Welcome to the Instant Reply Shopper Area
Choose from the following options




All of your Scheduled Shops will have special instructions. Each client has SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS and they will be listed here. They will also be listed with the assignment under Unconfirmed Schedule(s). You MUST also PREVIEW THE FORM before doing a shop. Instructions May be Updated, so...

UNCONFIRMED SCHEDULE(S): This will list your NEW assignments, including location and dates. You can preview the shop form and SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS from this area. You must read the specific instructions each time you do a shop; reimbursement and payment information will also be included here. Click on the radio button the box to the left of the assignment you want to select (you may have more than one), then choose your option of accepting or declining. You must always "select" the assignment, even if there is only one. (See diagram below)

Instant Reply Schedule Review

You MUST Select An Assignment BEFORE you can Confirm or Decline The Assignment
You Must Read the Instructions and Preview the Form Before Doing an Assignment

(Click Here)
Schedule for: The Eatery
Shop Type: Dinner Address: 1234 Street
City: Any City Phone: 123-4567
Shop Between: 1999-08-09 and 1999-08-09
Click here to Preview form: The Eatery
Special Instructions For The Eatery
You MUST preview the form and READ the instructions for each client prior to doing a shop. Click on the "hot" (highlighted) words to preview and print out the form and instructions.


Important: After you have filled out the shop form, you must click on the SEND SHOP FORM. You should then see a screen that says:

Form Submit - Please Wait While Your Information is Being Updated.

If you do not see that screen, your form has not been submitted, and you must go back and complete the missing information. To be sure the assignment has been submitted, just click on Fill Shop Form again; if the shop is not there - it's been submitted correctly!

FILL SHOP FORM: After you have physically completed the shop, you go to this area and complete the form. Click on the radio button in the box to the left of the assignment to select that assignment. You must always "select" the assignment, even if there is only one. (see diagram)

Instant Reply Choose the Assignment to Complete

You MUST Select An Assignment BEFORE you can Fill out the Form
You may have more than (1)

(Click Here)
Schedule for: The Eatery
Shop Type: Dinner Address: 1234 Street
City: Any City Phone: 123-4567
Shop Between: 1999-08-09 and 1999-08-09
Click here to Preview form: The Eatery
Special Instructions For The Eatery
You can preview your assignment, dates, location, form and special instructions from this area. All assignments that have been accepted will be in this area. You must accept, decline or contact us about your new assignment dates within 48 hours of the notification. Check your e-mail often because an assignment could be on the way.

  1. Always be sure you’re going to the right client, right location AT THE RIGHT TIME on the right day. Your form must be SUBMITTED WITHIN 12 HOURS OF THE COMPLETION OF THE SHOP for reimbursement of that shop. Be sure to check your e-mail the day following a shop - if we need clarification, or if your report did not submit - we will e-mail you within 24 hours. You must be available to answer any questions within 24 hours. IF YOUR SHOP HAS N0T BEEN SUBMITTED WITHIN 12 HOURS OF THE SHOP, WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO REIMBURSE YOU.

  2. Always, always, always GET AN ITEMIZED RECEIPT. This is not your copy of a credit card receipt. This lists each item ordered/purchased. Unfortunately, we cannot accept any shops without ALL the information from the itemized receipt. The information from the itemized receipt must be transferred to the shopper form; however, you must keep it just in case the client request’s the original copy. (See example)
    You MUST type ALL of the receipt information EXACTLY as it appears on your ITEMIZED RECEIPT.
    Use the "Enter" key in the receipt box. Do not use the TAB key, it will move you from the box to the next item.
    The Eatery
    Pleasentville, USA

    06/24 - Table 39 - # Party 2
    Server - Elaine______CK#8______18:53 7/26/99

    2 Lemonade 4.50
    1 Spinach Dip 5.99
    1 Dinner Tips 13.49
    1 BBQ Chic 12.99
    2 Coffee 4.50
    1 Choc Cake 3.50

    Sub TL 44.97
    Tax 2.70
    TOTAL 47.67

    Join us for HAPPY HOUR 7 Days a Week

  3. You must check the specific instructions for each client and read the form BEFORE you do the shop (so you know what to look for, order, etc.) Again, if you cannot answer a question accurately because you did not read the form prior to the shop, we will not be able to accept your shop or reimburse you. The reimbursement and shopper fees will be outlined in the special instructions for each client.

  4. NEVER take the form with you on the assignment. Do not write notes at a table or in a public area (you may write notes in the restroom, in a stall).

  5. Always give each staff member a chance to do his/her job. We are not "out to get someone in trouble" - we are simply giving a factual account of your experience. Never ask to see a manager. Never give any indication that you are a mystery shopper.

  6. Form Dates and Times: The Date and Time of your shop must be entered on the form in the correct format. Valid dates and times are as follows....
    Date: MM/DD/YY - 01/01/99
    Standard Time: HH:MM AM/PM - 10:35 AM
    Military Time: HH:MM - 13:40

  7. If you have any questions, just e-mail us at

  8. Have a good time !

UPDATE YOUR INFO: This area is designed so that you can update your personal information, if you change your address, e-mail address, phone numbers, gender, etc. You can type in the new information, then click on "update". If you made an error, click on "reset" and start over. If you were just checking and don’t want to change anything, click on "shopper home". You don’t need a diagram, do you???